Our laboratory makes research shine in Digital October!

This year, our lab will be at IVADO's Digital October conference! The conference will be held in a hybrid format on Thursday and online on Friday, so if you're interested in seeing our most recent work, now is the time! Here are the sessions where we'll participate:


  • Jean will participate in a panel on The Challenges of the Next Decade in Digital Intelligence 


  • Brice will give a 15 minutes presentation entitled Sparse Neural Networks for Ultrasound Localization Microscopy
  • Paul will give a 3 minutes presentation entitled Correction d’aberration de phase en microscopie de localisation ultrasonore par réseaux de neurones à valeurs complexes
  • Michael will give a 3 minutes presentation entitled Localisation microscopique ultrasonore dans le myocarde pour un modèle porcin
  • Chloé will participate in an interview entitled Quand la relève scientifique rayonne 
See you at Digital October!